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Why Use a Desk Pad? I Graf Lantz

Office setup with black desk pad

Why Use a Desk Pad?

The right desk setup can impact your productivity and overall work performance. It’s understandable that designing your office desk with functional items that are strategically placed can create a productive, comfortable workspace.

And while many individuals focus on standing desks and ergonomic office chairs, it’s also important to consider optimizing your desk surface as well. A desk pad, or desk mat, can serve as the foundation of your desk system.

Read on to learn more about a desk pad’s purpose and why you should consider using one in your home office.

Why Do You Need a Desk Pad?

A desk mat’s purpose is to protect your work surface from scratches and stains while also providing a foundation for accessories like your keyboard and mouse. Consider how often you are writing, typing, eating, or drinking at your desk. You don’t want your pen to leave scratch marks or your glass to leave a mark behind.

A desk pad protects your desk from damage, but can also be a stylish, modern touch to your workspace.

If you’ve ever wondered if you need a desk mat for your home office or other workspaces, the answer is a resounding yes.

Benefits of Using a Desk Mat

A high-quality mat is capable of more than desk protection. Here are some other reasons why you should use a desk pad:

  • Create a durable writing surface: A desk mat can double as a writing surface as you complete your work for the day. All the while it protects your desk from scratches and blemishes.
  • Make space for your desk accessories: A desk pad also creates the foundation for your desk accessories. It’s a defined space for your keyboard and mouse to fit while large mats can also accommodate coasters and trays for you to design a functional and cohesive workspace.
  • Non-slip surface: When sitting at your desk for a long time the last thing you want is for your laptop, keyboard, or mouse to be sliding around. A desk pad can create a resistant surface to prevent this inconvenience.
  • Multi-purpose desk mats: Many desk mats can also serve multiple purposes. They can function as mouse pads and coasters depending on your needs.

Tips for Choosing a Desk Pad

When it comes time to choose a desk pad for your workspace, there are a few things to consider. 

Size: How large (or small) do you want your desk mat to be? A larger desk pad can be home to more desk accessories while a smaller mat may be better if you’re working from a laptop.

Material: You want your desk pad to create a comfortable setting for your workspace. Material like merino wool is stylish and inviting while being stain, dirt, and water resistant and easy to clean.

Style: For your office, you likely want a professional desk mat. Consider a bright, solid color that showcases your personality without being overwhelming.

At Graf Lantz, our selection of merino wool desk pads is ideal for mastering a functional, minimalistic desk design. Shop our selection of wool desk pads today.

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