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What is Furoshiki Wrapping I Graf Lantz

Furoshiki Wrapping: A Stunning Way to Wrap Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts, you can’t overlook the wrapping.


How you present your gift can make it all the more special. From choosing personalized wrapping paper to finding the perfect gift box, how you wrap a gift shows your attention to detail while containing the surprise.


If you’ve been seeking gift wrap that is equal parts beauty, simplicity and utility, consider a Furoshiki wrapping cloth. Read on to learn more about this stunning sustainable gift wrapping.

What is Furoshiki Wrapping?

Furoshiki gift wrap is not your average wrapping paper.


Japanese cloth wrapping, or Furoshiki, has been a symbol of giving for hundreds of years. According to Kyuhoshi, a Japan Travel & Culture Guide, the word Furoshiki comes from two different words, they are “Furo” and “Shiki” meaning “Bath” and “To Spread”. This is because it was used in Edo Japan as a mat at public bathhouses and to carry clothing.


Over the years, the Furoshiki wrap was used to wrap and secure important things for transport. Its utility was well-known, but its presentation is what made it unique. Furoshiki wraps can be made of cotton, nylon, silk, or rayon. You can find a wide variety of designs and sizes that can envelop your gift and showcase your personal style.


Perhaps the best part of using this fabric wrap is that it’s an integral part of a gift. The recipient can use the Furoshiki cloth as decoration, an accessory, or wrapping once again.


Today, Furoshiki wrapping is a stunning, personalized symbol of giving. This eco-friendly wrapping is a symbol of the thoughtful consideration, respect, and care that goes with giving a gift.

How to Wrap Furoshiki

There are many ways to wrap a Furoshiki which can further personalize your gift. One of our favorite ways to wrap simple square or rectangular gifts is surprisingly easy:


  1. Lay out your Furoshiki wrap face down
  2. Place your gift box diagonal to corners
  3. Bring one corner over your gift, tuck underneath and bring back to center
  4. Fold opposite corner to center and tuck underneath
  5. Fold once more over gift past center line
  6. Narrow the tying ends by folding edges slightly into center
  7. Fold the edges toward the center on top of the gift
  8. Tie ends into a square knot


Watch our helpful video on how to wrap a Furoshiki cloth to see these steps in action.


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The experts at Uncommon & Curated also provide a helpful guide to different Furoshiki wrapping techniques. While this eco-friendly gift wrap idea lends itself well to boxes and rectangular gifts, you can also get creative with it. Use a Furoshiki cloth to wrap a bottle of wine as a hostess gift or wrap bento boxes for lunch. The possibilities for how to use your wrap are endless.

Shop Furoshiki Style Wraps

If you’re ready to reduce your environmental impact and wrap your gift in a beautiful, simple way with a Furoshiki wrap, look no further than Graf Lantz.

Our Furoshiki gift wrapping cloth represents our love of color and lights of the season and the diversity of all the people who keep Graf Lantz thriving. Shop our Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrap available in two convenient sizes today.


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