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How to Decorate a Table Runner I Graf Lantz

Merino felt table runner on coffee table decorated with orchid

How to Decorate a Dining Table with a Table Runner

A table runner can serve as the foundation of your dining room table. It creates a dedicated space for decor while adding color and texture that can enhance the look and flow of your table. Rather than leaving the middle of the table bare, it can add a personalized touch.

While your table runner may be a staple on your dining table year-round, you can add some extra decorations for holidays or special occasions. Read on for our favorite ideas for how to decorate a table with a runner that will elevate your tablescape.

Tips to Decorate With Table Runners

Most formal table runners span the length of your table and ideally hang over the edge at least six inches without hanging further than your tablecloth. Along with the standard length, you’ll find most table runners are a fraction of the width of the table, typically between 10 to 15 inches wide. However, shorter table runners can also provide a nice contrast and be used in more novel ways.

Here are some ideas for how to decorate a table runner for everyday or special events and holidays.

Layer your table runner

If you want to showcase your stunning wood table, you can certainly just use a table runner for a minimalist look. However, using a table runner on top of table linen is an ideal way to create more contrast and make the center of the table stand out.

Additionally, a tablecloth helps to protect the table from spills and scratches while the table runner can be the perfect place for hot dishes and decor. Consider using contrasting colors or materials to make your table runner stand out.

Our Asa hemp table runners also have complementary napkins for added layering. These fabric napkins can instantly create a cohesive tablescape even if you choose to mix and match colors.

Create height

A table runner is a perfect foundation for your decor or centerpieces. Design experts agree that you should keep short centerpieces at 12 inches or under and tall arrangements at 24 inches or higher. This ensures your decorations won’t interfere with conversations across the table or be in the way of passing plates.

Consider using decorations of different heights. Candles, flower arrangements, holiday decorations, and more can make for an eye-catching display.

Leave room for serving dishes

As you create your centerpiece on your table runner, make sure to leave space for serving dishes. Your table runner makes the perfect home for your dishes and you can artfully display your skills in the kitchen.

When you use a Merino wool table runner, you can also rest assured that it can handle hot serving dishes while also being stain-resistant. It makes for a practical and beautiful addition to the center of the table. Or, a longer Asa hemp table runner is also odor, stain, heat, and dirt resistant. It can easily be washed and become softer yet remain durable.

Go wide

A unique way to decorate with shorter table runners is to place them widthwise across the table. According to Pottery Barn, this can create a sense of visual unity across the dining table and can serve as physical dividers between place settings.

Shop for your new table runner from Graf Lantz to bring authority and cohesion to the surface stage. With two unique materials and a variety of colors to choose from, you can find a table runner that complements your personal style and decor.

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