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How to Decorate a Desk I Graf Lantz

Tips and Tricks for How to Decorate Your Desk 

These days, the office has become wherever you are for the next Zoom presentation. Whether you’re back in the office, working from home, or splitting your time between the two, it’s important to have an organized, productive workspace for the anywhere office.


Your desk should help inspire you without being distracting and have everything you need to be productive without being cluttered. Many times, finding this balance is easier said than done.


Here are our favorite tips and tricks for how to decorate your work desk depending on your space and personal style.


If you have a large workspace or dedicated office, the right desk accessories can help make it feel more cozy and comfortable while still promoting productivity. Start with a large desk pad that can add a pop of color and protect your table and your tech. Then, reduce clutter with a sleek leather/merino wool felt tray.


For your comfort, don’t forget a mouse pad and wrist rest. These small touches instantly make your office space one you’ll enjoy being in.


Perhaps you’re working from a laptop in a small space, like a home office or living room. In this case, how to decorate your work desk at home is all about maximizing space and minimizing distractions.


Consider a multi-functional placemat that comes in bright colors and can double as a desk pad for laptops and tablets. Utilize a large rectangle tile trivet for your keyboard and a small tray to keep the odds and ends like pens and paper clips organized.


When you’re tight on desk space, a portable computer tray and desk set can help you create an organized workspace wherever you may land. Tools that can make any space your space help to create a sense of familiarity, dependability and organization key to getting into the work zone. .

On the Go

With the ability to work remotely, a mobile office is becoming the norm for many. But how do you decorate your desk at work when you don’t have a dedicated office space? It’s surprisingly easy and all about keeping your supplies together and compact.


A computer tray comes in handy to fit all your necessities (chargers, pens, paper, etc.). You can even find trays of different sizes that perfectly nest inside one another for added convenience. And don’t forget a high-quality laptop sleeve. This and an iced coffee, and you’re set.

Interior Design Ideas From Graf Lantz

When it comes time to decorate your desk, look no further than Graf Lantz. We offer a variety of desk accessories to help you create a personalized, clutter-free workspace. You can also be inspired by our selection of home goods that can add more individual touches, pops of color and elevated comfort to your office.


Shop our collections today and find more home office ideas from Graf Lantz.

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