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What is Felted Wool I Graf Lantz

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What is Felted Wool? Do You Know The Benefits of Merino Wool Felt? 

There are dozens of different types of felt and wool blends on the market. But not all felt is created equal.

It’s widely known that the world’s best kind of felted wool is Merino wool felt. This wonder material is not only incredibly soft and aesthetically pleasing, but is also very versatile and durable.

Read on to learn more about why this type of felted wool is considered the world’s best in addition to some unique benefits you may not know about. 

What Makes Merino Felted Wool Unique

Merino wool felt stands out from other felt due to two distinct characteristics:

  1. A singular Bavarian technique: Felted wool is created using threading and weaving techniques. What does it mean when wool is felted? The exact technique typically varies by region or factory, but Bavaria is known for keeping only the highest standards of quality of wool and traditional practices to maintain the level of superior Merino felt.
  1. Sourced from Merino sheep: Different sheep have distinct wool. Merino sheep happen to have ultra-fine wool fibers that are also the strongest and most elastic of all wool varieties. 

Benefits of Merino Wool Felt Felt Wool

Merino wool felt is optimized for thermal protection, water resistance, and antimicrobial properties. But that’s not all this luxury wool is beneficial for. When these individual fibers are woven together to create your favorite wool products, you can truly experience its benefits.

Merino Wool Felt Improves Sleep

Time and time again, studies show that wearing wool sleepwear improves sleep quality. Merino wool is able to help keep you dry and cool in the heat of summer or warm and cozy in the winter. Its ability to help regulate body temperature can help individuals fall asleep faster and have a more restful night’s sleep.

Consider wearing wool sleepwear or investing in a Merino wool bedding and underlays.

Merino Felt Wool Improves Air Quality

Using Merino felt wool around your room can improve the air quality in your home. Research has shown that items like wool rugs or tabletop mats can improve indoor air quality by rapidly absorbing common pollutants such as:

  • formaldehyde
  • sulfur dioxide
  • nitrogen oxides

You can also incorporate Merino wool felt felted wool around your home in other ways, such as your placemats, pillows, coasters and more.

Merino Felt Wool For Sensitive Skin

Merino wool felt felt wool products, including clothing and bedding, is ideal if you have sensitive skin. Not only is it soft to the touch, but it’s also not an allergen. Compared to synthetic fabrics or coarse felts, Merino wool causes little to no irritation on even the most sensitive skin.

This makes it a wonder wool for clothing along with other products you may use every day such as bags and seat cushions.

At Graf Lantz, we take pride in using the best Merino wool felt that is tough, long lasting, and always returns to form and never pills. All of our products are made from the world’s best Merino wool feltfelt wool that instantly elevates your interior spaces or style while lasting the test of time.

Shop our best-selling felted wool products today to find what speaks to you.

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