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Coasters That Work

Our Merino Wool Felt Bierfizl Coasters have all the attributes you want. They wick moisture, are naturally stain and dirt resistant, and are highly sustainable.

Bierfilzl Merino Wool Felt Round Coaster Multi 4 Pack

Bierfilzl Merino Wool Felt Square Coaster Multi 4 Pack

Bierfilzl Merino Wool Felt Round Coaster Solid 4 Pack

Bierfilzl Merino Wool Felt Square Coaster Solid 4 Pack

Bierfilzl Merino Wool Felt Round Coaster Multi 6 Pack

Bierfilzl Merino Wool Felt Square Coaster Multi 6 Pack

Finding the Right Modern Coasters

When it comes to designing your space, small touches serve as an extension of your personal style. That’s why our modern coasters are created to be both beautiful and functional.

Choose Your Color Scheme

Say goodbye to bland coasters. With our selection of modern coasters, you can find colors that match your interior decor or switch things up with the seasons.

We offer both round coasters and square coasters depending on your preference. And you’ll never be limited to one color or design. From bright and bold shades to complementary nature tones, our multipacks are perfect for allowing your personal style to shine.

Why Merino Wool Felt Coasters?

Today, you can find drink coasters made from nearly any material. From stone and cork coasters to silicone and wooden coasters, drink coaster sets come in a variety of looks and styles.

However, we’ve found wool coasters to be more versatile than the rest.

At Graf Lantz, we are only interested in utilizing the world’s best kind, merino wool felt, and we use it exclusively in all our felt products. Merino wool is known for being super-thin and incredibly resilient, making it ideal for drink coasters.

Benefits of Merino Wool Felt Coasters

Our modern coasters not only look great but also are extremely functional.

That’s because wool coasters are:

  • Moisture-wicking: Felt makes for incredibly absorbent coasters. The material can absorb up to 30% moisture but still feel dry to the touch because it’s moisture-wicking. So if you spill some of your drink, the table coasters will quickly absorb moisture away from the surface and into the body of the felt where it can evaporate.

And don’t worry about smells. Merino wool is antibacterial and antimicrobial so it naturally inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

  • Stain and Dirt-Resistant: Our merino fibers are sealed in the dying process to create a natural barrier against stains. Plus, you can easily spot-clean these modern coasters with a little warm water and light detergent.
  • Durable: Merino wool felt is extremely durable. It’s heat-resistant so you can use it with your favorite coffee cup, unphased by the cold, and the fibers can be bent and twisted without breaking! You’ll never have to worry about shattering, chipping, or staining these coasters. Plus, merino wool doesn’t pill.
  • Scratch-Free: Perhaps the best thing about our modern coasters is that they will never damage your tabletop. Merino wool is known for its soft fibers that will keep your surfaces safe.

Learn more about the benefits of merino wool felt for table coasters.

Making Felt Table Coasters

Making high-quality sustainable coasters begins by finding the best materials: in this case, merino wool. The wool used in our felt is sourced exclusively from mulesing-free farms in the pastures of New Zealand, South Africa, South America, and Europe.

Then, all of our merino felt products are made exclusively at two factories in Bavaria where they have been perfecting the craft for over 100 years. Finally, we use OEKO-TEX® dyes for all our felts to ensure they are nontoxic and free of harmful chemicals.

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