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Jaunt Desk Accessories

Our Jaunt desktop accessories collection elevates your work space with our signature Merino wool felt and bold color blocking. Adding color, texture and dimension, they don’t overpower your workspace, they are focused on keeping things organized, protecting your surfaces and bringing greater calm to the desktop experience.

Desk Accessory Set

Purchase the full set as it was designed to work for your desk. The setup includes the pencil cup, shorter and wider supply cup with lid, plus a tray to hold them all together. Expertly crafted from Merino wool felt. 

Desk Tray

The desk tray provides a soft landing spot for your desktop essentials, including a perfect holder of the pencil and supply cups.

Pencil Cup

The pencil cup is ideal at the office or at home to keep your pencils, pens or random items that could use a holder. Simultaneously soft and strong, built for stability. 

Supply Cup with Lid

The supply cup with lid is designed to enclose and covet desktop items, a beautiful solution for capturing clutter. The lid can easily be turned around as another small holder for multi-functional beauty.

Jaunt Tissue Box Cover

A fresh take on our classic tissue box covers. This time with bold color blocking and color combinations. Take care of those unsightly off the shelf tissue boxes ruining otherwise stylish environs with a simple solution. Add form and beauty and a unique spin on delivering your tissues.

Jaunt Tissue Cover

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