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Gift Box for Only $5

Gift Box
for Only $5

We've always been good at making gifts. This year, we're good at giving gifts too. Now add a gift box for only $5 to any order. Just a simple click of a button at checkout and your order will be wrapped and shipped with care to loved ones near or far. Scroll down below to find more information.

How it Works

In this season it’s more important than ever to let your loved ones know you’re thinking about them. We added an option where you can choose to have your purchase wrapped together in a special GL Box and sticker for a flat rate of $5 at checkout.

How to Add it to Your Cart

At checkout, there will be a button underneath your products that asks if you'd like to add a gift box to your order. You can click the checkbox, and even add a note if you'd like. Please note, all items in the cart will be boxed together, so if you intend to send separate gifts to different addresses, please place separate orders. Masks and mask-related items are not eligible for gift boxes.

What it Looks Like

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