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With pops of color and a table ready to serve, our Eclectic Chill look declares “come one, come all, the more the merrier.”

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The Wine

Been thinking about going deeper into the more eclectic offerings in orange wine? Here’s a fun suggestion from our friends at DomaineLA - perfectly Eclectic and Chill - Judith Beck Mish Mash from Burgenland Austria. It's the holidays and you want something fun and a little different. As people turn to more textured and tannic wines and the weather gets colder, it's nice to have a white that provides a bit of that tannin while also giving fruit too. The wine is a maceration (orange) of a bunch of different grape varietals that yield some savory notes while bright fruit abounds.

The Food

“I don’t understand them” said Holger, for his first five years in America. “Why do people get so excited about eggs cut in half," he pondered. Then one day he found a recipe that included the other great mystery, Miracle Whip.

Here’s his recipe for Potluck Deviled Eggs, an unexpected crowd pleaser for any holiday gathering:

• Eggs (2 per person)

• Miracle Whip

• Dijon mustard (optional)

• Salt

• Pepper

1) Bring water to boil, add the eggs, cover and boil for approx 10-12 minutes.

2) Remove eggs from water and immediately rinse with cold water or put in a bowl with ice water to cool.

3) Remove shells and cut eggs in half lengthwise.

4) Remove the yolk from each egg, put into a bowl and add Miracle Whip (approximately 2 teaspoons per egg). It is easiest to combine the yolks and Miracle Whip with a hand mixer but it can also be done with a fork (albeit clumpier).

5) Add more Miracle Whip until desired consistency is reached. Season with salt and pepper. Optional - substitute part of Miracle Whip with Dijon mustard.

6) Pipe mixture into eggs and they are ready to serve.

7) Decorate eggs with smoked paprika.


The Flowers

Mix and match grocery store bouquets, suggests Lou Flowers. Nothing says chill like grabbing a ready made bouquet from Trader Joe’s on the way home from work. Add your own touch by mixing in those dried pieces you've been saving or snipping a few wobbly branches from outside. Maybe you have some flowers hanging on from last week's bouquet that you can blend into the mix. Flowers do all the work for you and are beautiful no matter where they are from or what stage of life they may be in. 

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