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How to Fold Napkins With Rings I Graf Lantz

Cloth napkin folded in merino wool felt napkin ring placed on set table

How to Fold Napkins for Napkin Rings

Using napkin rings is a great way to elevate your next holiday or dinner party and create an inviting space for guests. While it may seem like a small addition, using napkin rings can add a touch more class to your tablescape.

Here are some easy napkin folding techniques you can try to add some elegance to your next event along with tips for choosing the best Merino wool felt napkin ring and hemp fabric napkins to match your aesthetic.

How to Fold Napkins With Rings

Folding napkins with a napkin ring is surprisingly easy. All you need is a flat surface, your square napkins, and a few minutes to follow step-by-step instructions. 

It’s always best to use fabric napkins like our Asa Hemp Dinner Napkins. The hemp fabric is sturdy and durable while becoming softer after each wash. The contrasting merrow edge is a beautiful added touch that elevates your napkin creations and makes every guest feel at home.

The Bow

Transform your cloth napkin into an eye-catching bow or bow tie in a few easy steps. The experts at Something Borrowed give step by step advice:

  1. Join two opposite corners of your napkin to form a triangle
  2. Fold back the joint corner up to ¾ of the triangle 
  3. Fold the base upwards twice to form a slim boat-shape
  4. Fold both of the ends downwards at around 45º angle
  5. Squeeze the napkin in the middle and add a napkin ring to the middle

This elegant napkin folding technique is perfect for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and other celebratory occasions.

The Flower

For something a little more dramatic but equally beautiful, you can’t go wrong with folding your napkin like a Fleur-de-Lis. Architectural Digest gives these easy steps to accomplish this romantic look:

  1. Put a square napkin facedown on a flat surface
  2. Fold in half toward you, then fold the top corners diagonally to the center of the straight edge closest to you to form a triangle
  3. Fold the bottom points up to the top point of the triangle, making a diamond
  4. Pull the top loose points down and out to make the petals of a flower
  5. Pull the bottom point of the diamond through a napkin ring

You can even use an iron to make your edges extra crisp and refined.

The Tie

Once you’ve mastered the bow tie method, folding a napkin with rings for the tie is super easy. According to Southern Living, you can achieve this look in a few easy steps:

  1. Lay the napkin out flat on the table
  2. Pinch the center of the napkin and lift up
  3. Hold napkin ring over pinched end and slide an inch away from the top of the napkin
  4. Fold the sides underneath to create a triangle shape

This simple yet elegant fold is perfect for showing off your cloth napkins, especially if they’re monogrammed or have an eye-catching print. 

Upgrade Your Dinner Table

There are so many ways to fold napkins for napkin rings, but these are three unique folds to start your journey. Once you’ve mastered these techniques, you can get even more creative with your table setting.

When it comes time to find napkin rings to help hold your masterpieces together, consider felt napkin rings. With three different shaped ends in a set of six napkin rings, this eclectic mix adds charm and texture to tablescapes. Made from our luxury-grade Merino wool felt that’s durable, versatile, and a great addition to any dinner party.

They also perfectly complement our Asa hemp napkins that are handmade, woven from 100% hemp, and naturally dyed in a selection of five colors. Mix and match different colors of napkins and napkin rings to create a stunning one-of-a-kind tablescape.

Shop our unique napkin rings and fabric napkins today.

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