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And It's All Your Fault

Anyone who would take time to read another Graf Lantz email at this time of year is a trooper. Ideally, you are somewhere being lazy, with snacks handy, maybe even possibly bored from all the relaxing you’re doing. If you’ve been able to swing that in your life, we salute you. But, most likely, you’re not. Most likely you’re on the go like crazy, keeping everyone else sane, gracefully plowing through obstacles, diversions and a swarm of last-minute details as the sun flashes on and off. If you are reading this, Thank You. You’re our hero.

At Graf Lantz, we are on the go like crazy as well. And It’s not stopping. And it’s totally all your fault. If you’re still reading this, we want you to understand that you have been part of the most fascinating, challenging, inspiring and encouraging year ever here in the Graf Lantz universe.

With your help 2019 has been a year that allowed us to simultaneously deepen our roots, explore new ideas, open new territory, and focus our vision. It taught us how to produce more and waste less. It solidified our belief that growth, product quality, excellent customer service, and better working conditions for our team are all the same thing.

When we started this adventure our goal was to make beauty that is useful, lasting, low impact and trusted. That has not changed. 2019 made us better at it. We are ready for 2020. Again, it’s all your fault and we are beyond grateful. We are energized.

Finally, 2019 was the year we made it easier for people to talk to us. Perhaps that’s been the best part. That is how we get to keep being the company we started. So, keep talking to us. Let us know when we’ve done well and when we’ve missed something. It keeps us on our toes, it keeps us inspired and it keeps us on track.

With Humility, Gratitude and all our Best Wishes to you in 2020,

– Daniel Lantz and Holger Graf

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