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We are making it easy for you this holiday season to celebrate the unique traits, personalities, and design preferences of your family and friends. With five curated gift guides celebrating the colors and moods that showcase our spirit, find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 

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What do you get when you mix equal parts beauty, simplicity and utility? It’s a question that always guides our design. A perfect example that inspires everything we do is a simple piece of cloth used widely in Japan called a Furoshiki (fu-ro-sh-kee). They come in every size. Some are plain. Some are exquisitely adorned. All of them say the same thing; it's about much more than what’s wrapped inside.

The Furoshiki has been a symbol of giving for hundreds of years and it’s always had the same job. It is meant to wrap and secure important things for transport. That’s the utility part. The other equally important purpose is presentation. In Japan, they are used for everything. Whether it’s presenting documents to an emperor, or a friend wrapping a bento for a day out, the added touch of a Furoshiki wrapping imbues the thoughtful consideration, respect, and care carrying it from one set of hands to another. 

That may seem a lot to ask from a humble sheet of good cloth, but it works. And to us that’s the beauty part. In honor of our favorite wrapping, we are making gifting a little more special this year with our own Furoshiki gift wrapping cloth. It represents our love of color and lights of the season and the diversity of all the people who keep Graf Lantz thriving. 

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How to Fold a Furoshiki

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