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Whether you purchased your Graf Lantz x Sway wine-note or received it from a loved one, you are among the very first to experience the home-compostable, seaweed-based material it was packaged in.

Thank you for playing a key role in this limited-edition campaign. Learn more below!

The Card

Since our inception, Graf Lantz has sought to uplift the world's most ancient, durable, and sustainable materials. Our wine-ote cards were developed to use off cuts of fabric, ensuring less waste. The special-edition you purchased is inspired by the ocean and our ongoing mission to explore underutilized and overlooked natural materials.


  • Made from sustainable and renewable luxury grade Bavarian Merino wool felt
  • Naturally stain-resistant and moisture-wicking
  • Ultra soft to provide a scratch-free wine marker  
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The Packaging

Sway is a next-generation materials startup replacing plastic with home-compostable packaging made from seaweed, another one of the world's oldest and most regenerative resources.


  • Made from responsibly sourced seaweed 
  • Home and industrially compostable
  • Supports thriving ecosystems and communities

The Impact

  • Seaweed is a minimal-input crop that supports healthy ocean ecosystems and coastal communities.
  • Biobased products shift demand away from petroleum and toward renewable resources.
  • Sway packaging won't pollute — it breaks down within weeks in a home compost.

How To Dispose

Wine-notes are designed to last, but their packaging isn’t. Please dispose of the Sway bag in your compost bin, where it will decompose in under two months, leaving healthy compost behind.

What if I don’t compost?

If you’re interested in starting, learn about various methods here!

If home compost is unavailable,  composting services through your municipality, community garden, or local compost services may be.

If no composting services are available, Sway packaging can be disposed of in your trash bin. Please don’t attempt to recycle. Your local waste facility thanks you!

Thank you for helping us build a more sustainable future, together.

Want to see more of these bags following this initial campaign? We'd love to hear your feedback.

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