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At Graf Lantz, we are driven by a sense of wonder. Every single one of us has an experience with motherhood, and every experience is unique. This year we are celebrating mothers - mothers that are more than moms - amazing women who make us smile, laugh, think, and wonder. Meet some of the moms we love, and learn more about their motherhood experience.

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An avid traveler, master gardener, PhD pharmacist, mother of two, and grandmother of two. 

“Having my husband’s help raising our children made motherhood easier.  When I asked my daughter if she would have been happier if I were a stay at home Mom, she said no and that I was a good role model! I knew then I had been a good mother. It has been so much more exceptional than I had ever imagined watching my children grow up, overcome challenges and find success.”

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An interior designer, style maven, moonlighting pastry chef and mother of two. 

“It might sound strange, but when it comes to what helps me most as a mom, it’s my kids. It’s a dance really. I get to learn with them as they discover more about themselves, which helps me shift my understanding of what their needs are and how I can help them.  I don’t always get it right but I keep trying!”

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A production designer, purveyor of sharp suits, canyon dweller, fierce gemini and mother of two.  

“Being in the moment has helped me as a mother. Learning when to give my kids space so they can find their way out of the corner on their own.”

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A former dancer, current film producer, Denmark-born, LA-based, mother of two.   

“Becoming a mom is such a record-scratch-stop-the-presses-whiplash-what-the-hell-is-happening-to-me kind of process and with all the joy and love and cuddles and belly laughs also comes a complete and utter rearranging of not just your body, but also your identity, sense of self and personal freedom. Having other parents, and moms in particular, in my inner circle whom I can bounce all the good and bad and everything in between off of has been utterly key for me.”

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