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Women’s Tote Bags

Find the perfect modern tote bag for all your needs. Whether you’re commuting to the office, running errands, or catching a flight, a sustainable tote bag looks chic and can carry all the essentials.

Shop our selection of stylish, durable women’s tote bags made with merino wool.

    Felt Tote Bags

    When it comes to finding the perfect tote bag for your everyday needs, you can’t go wrong with merino wool felt.

    The merino fibers used in our women’s tote bags are the thinnest, strongest, and most elastic of all wool varieties. This creates distinct, modern tote bags that are instantly recognizable. At the same time, the merino wool is also extremely durable and designed to last.

    Merino wool felt is one of the best materials for our women’s tote bags because it’s:

    • Naturally water resistant, so a surprise sprinkle won’t ruin your tote bag
    • Stain and dirt resistant (plus easy to clean), so your tote bag will always look its best
    • Durable yet lightweight, so you can fill your bag with everything you need for the day
    • Renewable, so it can be produced naturally with minimal negative impact

    Merino wool is extremely durable yet still versatile enough for us to create a variety of different tote bags for your tastes. Some of our favorite women’s felt tote bags include:

    The Jaunt Merino Wool Felt Tote has always been about the balance of strength and beauty. It includes two interior hanging pockets and is spacious enough to fit a 15” laptop. It is developed to maintain integrity for the design and carry, making it one of the best travel totes you can find.

    The Aiko Merino Wool Felt Tote is our more refined women’s tote bag with a beautifully finished leather handle and leather base. It’s the perfect day bag, work bag, or city bag that stands out from all the rest.

    The Frankie Merino Wool Felt Tote challenges the notion of the typical day bag. Our biggest modern tote bag yet, the Frankie tote strikes the perfect balance between functionality and art.

    Everyone needs a felt tote bag in their life.

    Net Market Tote

    Make sure you have a tote bag for every occasion. Whether you’re going to the grocery store of your local farmer’s market, this market tote is the perfect shoulder bag you can always keep on hand.

    Made with 100% cotton, The Ami is great for casual days out or simply throwing in your bag or car for those times you need another tote. It conveniently collapses into its own pouch for easy storage that also becomes a phone pocket for your essentials when in use.

    Canvas Tote Bags

    Looking for the perfect beach tote bag? The Hana Canvas Tote can add a pop of color to your outfit and hold all the beach essentials like lunch, sunblock, beach towels, and more for a day spent outdoors. These canvas tote bags come in a variety of colors and two different sizes so you’re sure to find the perfect beach bag to match your style and needs.

    All of our women’s tote bags are made in the US with the highest-quality, sustainable materials. Shop now!

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