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    Say goodbye to flimsy vinyl placemats. Our wool felt placemats are functional and aesthetically pleasing to complement your table decorations.

    Find your perfect place setting today.

    Why Merino Wool Modern Placemats

    Modern placemats need to do more than look good, they should also be durable.

    Our modern placemats are made with Merino wool, a super thin, incredibly resilient fiber with evenly spaced crimps. The crimping allows permanent flexibility and makes Merino felt a tough, long-lasting fabric that always returns to form and never pills.

    That means our felt woven placemats not only look amazing but they’re also designed to last. They are water resistant, heat resistant, and repel dirt. Simply spot clean your table mats as needed with a damp cloth and dish soap.

    Plus, the soft Merino wool will never scratch or damage your dining room table. The unique textile instantly makes your table more inviting to guests.


    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to placemats. That’s why we offer our wool felt placemats in a variety of shapes and sizes for all our dining needs.

    Round Placemats

    If you love to play with shapes on your dining room table, round placemats are a must. The classic shape complements other circular dishware and can be a great contrast to a long, rectangular kitchen dining table.

    Smaller placemats also make perfect coasters.

    Oval Placemats

    For some more room for your utensils, an oval placemat may be best. This elongated shape provides more room to spread out and is perfect for achieving a mid-century modern feel.

    Rectangle Placemats

    Don’t overlook this classic shape. Rectangle placemats are a must and work great for nearly any indoor or outdoor table. Stock up on these modern placemats in your favorite color or change them seasonally along with your other home decor.

    Stone Placemats

    Stone placemats are ideal if you love a more organic feel for your table setting. The more natural shape is a beautiful complement to your table while still being practical and large enough for your plate and utensils to live on.

    Luckily, you never have to choose just one modern placemat setting that you love. You can easily mix and match different colors and shapes to create a table setting as unique as you.

    Our modern placemat sets make it a breeze to begin your collection. From there, you can switch up your placemats depending on the season or event you’re hosting.

    Purchase your modern placemats from Graf Lantz today. Free shipping is available on orders over $75.

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